The transformation that takes root in our lives is two-fold; first we experience God with us and for us (justification by grace through faith)…secondly, we experience God in us (sanctification by grace through faith)!  It is the Holy Spirit that produces fruits in us and through us for His joy and His purposes in the world.

How can we be changed so that more people become disciples of Jesus Christ?  I believe it is the Holy Spirit that changes us through His indwelling presence; inspiring and enlivening our hearts, producing a vitality that consumes us and then “spills out” upon everyone we meet.

This is the mystery of it all…”Christ in you, the hope of glory!” (Col.1:27)  When our heart is open and tuned into the work of the Holy Spirit’s presence who is restoring us in the image of God that He desires for us and allowing the mind of Christ to take center stage in our lives…WE WILL GROW AND MATURE AS CHRISTIANS BEING MADE HOLY IN LOVE.  We humbly choose to come under the direction and teaching of the Holy Spirit.

J.D. Walt ( sees the HOLY SPIRIT as the DISCIPLE-MAKER in us and through us!  We participate with the Holy Spirit’s work in the Holy Spirit’s ways in the midst of the community fellowship.  The Holy Spirit lovingly creates in us, for us and through us the restoration of our broken race into the radiant beauty of God’s glory! That’s what discipleship is all about!

Lord Jesus Christ, may it be so!