We often think of the New Year bringing us “new beginnings”!  We know that with God, His mercies are new every morning.  God continually gives us opportunities for fresh starts.  Great is His faithfulness! (Lamentations 3:22-23)  What if we looked at each day as an “opportunity” to make wise choices…truth over deception, faith over fear, peace over strife, forgiveness over bitterness, patience and waiting on God over trying to force something to happen.  God brings these opportunities to us in our everyday life.  

In view of God’s mercies, Romans 12:1-2, Paul is telling us to make a decisive dedication of our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and well pleasing to God which is our reasonable service and spiritual worship.  God wants to move us forward in 2021!  God has a plan in mind for us.  He desires us to present ourselves to Him first…our relationship and fellowship with God is more important than  anything else.  He has promised to be present with us and He will prepare us for everyday’s opportunities!  Will you see it?  What are some of those opportunities He has waiting just for you?