Discipleship begins with cultivating and building relationships. Our relationship with Christ is foremost as we daily live out what it means to follow Jesus. We tend to our own souls by abiding in Him and He in us through scripture, prayer, worship, fasting and communion. With the work of the Holy Spirit in us and through us we will desire for others to grow in relationship to Christ. So what are some connections we can make for others to experience formation as image bearers of Jesus for the transformation of the world? Start with prayer! Pray for the Holy Spirit to direct you to those who God is stirring their hearts, who are hungry and thirsty for a closer and deeper walk with God. Invite them to connect with others of likemindedness. John Wesley developed Class Meetings (gathering 12-15) and Bands (3-5) as a way of tending to each others souls and watching over one another in love. Providing places of connection where together we look for the ways God is working out our salvation in vital union with Him and in love for one another. An excellent resource is Kevin Watson’s books called the “Class Meeting” and “Band Meeting”.

In times like these, we need more than ever this vital union with God and with one another. Being the church for one another, building one another up in the body of Christ, encouraging one another and serving His Kingdom together. May we seek Him first and watch for the new life, the abundant life that God desires for us to experience here and now!