Proverbs 8: 6-11

Listen, for I have worthy things to say; I open my lips to speak what is true, for my lips detest wickedness. All the words of my mouth are just; none of them is crooked or perverse. To the discerning all of them are right; they are faultless to those who have knowledge. Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

A Thought

Wisdom is a gift from God that is more precious than gold, silver or rubies. We should seek wisdom to enable us to discern what is good and right. Wisdom is flawless and will lead us in the paths of what is just. Wisdom will warn us from approaching harm, give us understanding, and teach us to walk in the paths of righteousness with justice. Listen to the wisdom of Solomon and others throughout the book of Proverbs and gain understanding.

Our Prayer

Father thank you for providing words of wisdom to help us to gain insight in what is just and right. We desire your wisdom and understanding that we may be wise and know how to live blameless in our walk with you and with others. We ask in Jesus’ name, amen.