Drawing from research on the growth of Methodism in John Wesley’s day, Dr. Rev. Eddie Kirby found that the small group movement tapped into the reality that people want to grow spiritually.   Dr. Kirby found that people wanted help in developing spiritual strength.  They wanted help in overcoming weaknesses.  They found that in these smaller bands of believers they could find authentic community where they are truly known, where they could experience the love of Christ for one another and be strengthened to go forth with God’s love for others.  These small bands became the strength of the early Methodist movement.  We too have found banding together in small groups of 3-5 provides strength to love God and to love one another and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Would you consider praying and asking God to lead you to 3-4 people to meet together, to encourage one another, and spur one another on to grow deeper in faith and service to God?  We would love to help you get started!