Everyday presents opportunities to be the love of Jesus at home, with our spouse, family, school, work, gym, grocery store.  Recently I was standing in a line waiting to be checked out when I realized someone ahead was struggling to pay their grocery bill.  All of the demands of life was on my mind at the time…you know…like what’s taking so long, I got things to get done, my family is waiting on supper, other obligations flooding my mind…But what if I had set aside my needs and seized the opportunity to pay the love of Jesus forward?  Needless to say, the Holy Spirit checked my heart and with forgiveness and grace I am asking God to help me see through His eyes, with His hands, and with His heart. “Lord, I want to serve you more faithfully.”Amen  Colossians 4:5 “Conduct yourself with wisdom…make the most of each opportunity. (Amplified Bible)