Lamentations 1: 1-6

How deserted lies the city, once so full of people! How like a widow is she, who once was great among the nations! She who was queen among the provinces has now become a slave.

Bitterly she weeps at night, tears are upon her checks. Among all her lovers there is none to comfort her. All her friends have betrayed her; they have become her enemies.

After affliction and harsh labor, Judah has gone into exile. She dwells among the nations; she finds no resting place. All who pursue her have overtaken her in the midst of her distress.

The roads to Zion mourn, for no one comes to her appointed feasts. All her gateways are desolate, her priests groan, her maidens grieve, and she is in bitter anguish.

Her foes have become her masters; her enemies are at ease. The Lord has brought her grief because of her many sins. Her children have gone into exile, captive before the foe.

All the splendor has departed from the daughter of Zion. Her princes are like deer that find no pasture; in weakness they have fled before the pursuer.

A Thought

Jeremiah had given warnings to the people of Jerusalem and Judah of their sins, worship of false gods and future destruction if they did not repent. Now we find Jeremiah in much sorrow seeing the results of the judgement of God because of the people’s refusal to turn back to him in repentance. ┬áThe nation of Judah had been defeated by her enemies, the temple had been destroyed and the people placed in affiction and harsh labor. Due to her many sins the people are now in exile to flee from her captives. God’s love and mercy is greater than our sin. God will bring his people to repentance and eventually draw them back to him.

Our Prayer

Father thank you for your love and mercy that while we were still in sin and disobedience, you sent us a way of salvation through faith and repentance in Christ Jesus. We desire to be your servant, to hear and obey your word. Awaken, us for service to you and others. We ask in Jesus’ name, amen.