Yes, discipleship is a commitment to growing in our relationship with Christ. We are to grow more and more into His likeness. In the Gospel of John, chapter 15, the word “abide” occurs many times, “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.” John 1:9. We have personal invitation to “Abide”…live into, dwell in, be attached, be tethered to God. A vital growing Christian life is built upon spending time with God. In prayer, in His Word, in fellowship with other believers, worship, are means of grace whereby we are drawn closer in relationship and friendship with God. God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit within, reveals God the Father and Jesus the Son and guides us into all truth. He empowers us to live life in the fullness God intends for His children. When we are growing in Christ, our lives can best witness to the world the presence of Jesus and His salvation for whosoever will come to Him.