Genesis 32: 22-31

That night Jacob got up and took his two wives, his two maidservants and his eleven sons and crossed the ford of Jabbok. After he had sent them across the steam, he sent over all his possessions. So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until daybreak. When the man saw that he could not overpower him, he touched the socket of Jacob’s hip so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled with the man. Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.”

But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”

The man asked him, “What is your name?”

“Jacob,” he answered.

Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome.”

Jacob said, “Please tell me your name.”

But he replied, “Why do you ask my name?” Then he blessed him there.

So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”

The sun rose above him as he passed Peniel, and he was limping because of his hip. Therefore to this day the Israelites do not eat the tendon attached to the socket of the hip, because the socket of Jacob’s hip was touched near the tendon.

A Thought

Jacob was trying to return back to his homeland, Canaan, where his brother Esau still lived. Jacob had deceived Esau out of his birthright and his final blessing of his father. Jacob had now sent gifts ahead to his brother along with his family in hopes that his brother would forgive and accept him back as his brother. As Jacob is now all alone, a Man wrestled with him until daybreak. Refusing to let him go until he blesses him, the angel (of God) touched his hip and placed it out of joint. Then the angel (of God) blesses Jacob by changing his name to Israel. The character of Jacob had changed from a deceiver to one with a persistent attitude that caused him to be blessed. We should never give up; always be persistent, praying in accordance with God’s will to be complete in our lives.

Our Prayer

Father thank you for teaching us to be presistent in prayer with you that your will be done in our lives. Change our character of sin to reflect the loving, giving character of Jesus the Christ. We ask in his name, amen.