The Church Has Left The Building 2019 

Eight o’clock is not too early for this group to gather for worship! After opening the service with welcome and prayer, the Praise Team led us in singing…”Come Now is the time to Worship, Sanctuary and Glorify Thy Name”. We listened as Pastor Mary led us in the reading of the Scripture, “”We love because He first loved us.” (I John 4:19) We prayed that the Lord would give us courage for the task and fill us with the Holy Spirit to meet the challenges before us. We prayed that our hands, our feet, our hearts would bring the joy of salvation to everyone we met. To the McBroom’s home, a community family in need of home repair, the Tootle home, the Campground need for more picnic tables, to the shut-in’s and nursing home residents, and our Seashore District Mission with offering helping hands and providing a worship service for the homeless gathered that day. Other team members provided a worship service at 11:00 a.m. for those who gathered to worship and pray for “The Church has Left the Building”. Of course, the ministry started earlier in the week with making inspirational cards, baking cookies, preparing “goodie bags” for nursing staff, purchasing building supplies, tech staff arrangements and preparations for worship. What joy in serving Jesus! On Wednesday evening, other team members prepared a wonderful meal for us to break bread together and witness to the glory sightings of God’s faithfulness the day “the church left the building”.

The March 2019 Church Has Left the Building Video

The Background Music and Lead In Video is from the Song –

Evidence by Citizen Way

The Church Has Left The Building 2018

The Church family gathers for early morning worship, rounds up their supplies and leaves in groups to share the love of Jesus around the community. Throughout the week, various groups are preparing for each of their mission assignments. All ages and groups are baking cookies, cooking food, making cards, decorating and filling bags, purchasing building supplies, nursery plants, yard tools, etc. This year we launched out through a torrential downpour. Did it stop us? No! We had a mission to accomplish! Here we go! One group left to visit shut-ins and nursing homes, another group worked on sprucing up the church grounds, another working with our city post office cleanup and landscape, a table was set up at Greer’s (local grocery) to collect food pantry items, several gathered at Seashore UM Assembly grounds to repair the tree deck, others worked together to build picnic tables for several mission sights, children, youth and adults took dinner and a worship service to Seashore Mission, our district outreach to the homeless. To top it all off, at the end of the day we gathered to share our experiences; the joys and blessings of being the hands and feet of Jesus, loving and serving throughout our community.


“We love, because He first loved us.” I John 4:19

The February 2018 Church Has Left the Building Video

The Background Music is from the Song – Do Something from the album Into The Light by Matthew West