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Newsletters and Calender for May 2023

You can now stay informed about what is happening throughout the calendar month from anywhere , and on any device with internet access.  Just hover over the picture of what you wanted to view. Click the +Sign. The picture will enlarge so that you can view it. You can also print it off from this point.



Founded on January 6, 2012, Seedbed is a twenty-first century movement and media platform whose mission is to gather, connect, and resource the people of God to sow for a great awakening.


We publish Bible studies, books, small-group studies, training courses, videos, podcasts,
conferences, and articles every day. We do print, digital, electronic, online, offline, web-based applications, social media, and good old-fashioned word of mouth messaging. We are out to develop a new class of disciple-making resources in every way we possibly can. And yes, in the spring of 2016, we released our first record! We aspire to develop resources in languages other than English as the need presents itself and the financial and human resources become available.

The Mississippi Annual Conference Website

The Mississippi Annual Conference] is part of[ The United Methodist Church.] With more than 12 million members worldwide,[ The United Methodist Church ]is governed by a General Conference that meets every four years. The annual and central conferences elect delegates to the [General Conference.]

The resident bishop is the presiding officer of the annual conference. The Mississippi Conference is divided into 11 districts, and each district is administered by a district superintendent in consultation with the bishop. The Mississippi Conference meets annually, usually in June, for its regular business session. An equal number of clergy members and lay members from the conference meet together to worship, celebrate the previous year’s ministries and set a course for the coming year. At the conclusion of each conference, the bishop announces the clergy appointments, or assignments.

The Circuit Rider

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The Circuit Rider is your connection for up-to-the minute news and information from the Mississippi Conference. The newsletter will arrive to your email address with announcements, dates to remember, celebration stories from across the conference, and employment opportunities. The Circuit Rider also delivers cares and concerns from across the conference

Our hope is for The Circuit Rider to become a tool for building the connection across the conference, strengthening our districts and local congregations as we go forth to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Sign up to receive The Circuit Rider by using the website button to the left. Encourage others in your congregation to sign up. Download the flyers offered on this page to place on your church bulletin boards, or use the bulletin insert.

Be a Circuit Rider by partnering with someone in your congregation who does not have a computer. Print the weekly newsletter and share with them. Or offer a sign-up sheet for those needing printed copies…make that number available to pick up on Sundays.

Cokesbury Website

Resources for a Christian Journey

Upper Room Daily Reflections

Welcome to Upper Room Daily Reflections.

Here at Upper Room Ministries, we say, “Every Day — Find a Way.” We invite you, every day, to find a way to spend some time with God in reading, prayer, and meditation.

You may  go to the Upper Room Website by clicking the first button .

Or to read the upper room daily reflection for today (which has a new name , new location and new format). It is now called “New Every Morning”.You can go there by clicking the second button.